Tanks- Clarke or IMS

I'm about to buy one of these 2 tanks and wanted to get a little feedback. I remember this was a much talked about subject a while back and it seemed that many liked the Clarke because it had 2 mounts and was easier to install. Someone recently mentioned to me that they heard of the Clarkes having a few durability problems. (This came from a very happy with his IMS) Have any of you guys that bought the Clarkes experianced any problems? Also, I notice that on the big tanks alot of people get the clear (I think so they can see how much fuel they have) Any thoughts before I order for the Utah extravaganza. Thanks


I'm trying to make the same decision. Check out the Acerbis on their web site. It looks pretty good. Maybe somebody has one?

Ive had mine for a year and a half and absolutley no durability problems. It still looks as good as the first day it was put on. (except for the yellow discolorization you get from the gas fumes on a natural colored tank)

I couldnt be happier with it.

Its also cheaper than the IMS.

Comparing the 2, the clarke should, by my standards, be more expensive.


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

No problems with the Clarke here. I bought the clear and then sent it back for the blue. Just a personal preference things. I just didnt like the look of the clear.

I have neither but have seen both.

I will get the Clark tank because:

1) The one Milkman has is clear. That's nice because you can quickly see how much gas you have in your tank. Unless you don't like clear. They do have a blue tank though (I think).

2) The Clark tank has the petcock on the same side as the stock WR tank. Running the fuel line under the tank like on the IMS seems like a pain in the butt to me. Plus the petcock is backwards when it is on the other side.


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I've got a clear IMS and I like having pet cock on opposite side. I don't know what Bryan means by backwards but the IMS comes w/ a petcock, it has a reserve position and it is much easier to turn than stocker. Other than being on "wrong" side of bike it is very normal.

Its position does leave a longer fuel line (included). I dig it because now there's plenty of room for a fuel filter. I bought a Russel alum. in-line w/ a solid element and insulated it with exhaust tape; it tucks in nicely between carb and headstay. Hopefully this means no more grunge in my accelerator pump. For me, the IMS installed VERY easily in about 5 min.s (not counting graphics I added later).

But IMS pet cock, I have heard, is awful close to Big Gun SDS header.

Also, if you're not careful I can see how you MIGHT melt a fuel line on higher, tighter aftermarket headers. But it would be difficult. I have a PC w/ a pretty high/tight header and it isn't anywhere near petcock, fuel line or my filter.

I can see why someone would prefer keeping both mount bolts but I haven't noticed any effects (bad, good or indifferent) of having only 1 bolt. Except easier plug changes :)

I do like "natural" color 'cause you can see fuel level but DANG is mine getting ugly! TJ graphics I added later helped a bunch.

But Yam.s are such good looking mounts that they've got a long way to go to get to a RM or KX level of ugliness... :D

Just my five cents (information inflation).

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I had the IMS on my 400.

Ups: bolted right up with the single mount. Never saw it move.

The one I bought was used and was missing some parts. IMS sent them out to me NO CHARGE.


I melted a hole in the fuel line once!!! Damm near had Flaming Yamaha Surprise!! :)

Bottom Line: I'd buy IMS again for another bike, but the gas line over the head pipe on this bike is a BAD idea....


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Originally posted by Chris in the Mojave:


I melted a hole in the fuel line once!!! Damm near had Flaming Yamaha Surprise!! :D

Yikes! :)

I guess when I trimmed and spliced my fuel line to install in-line filter I created more clearance. Plus I was mindful of header while I was doing this because I didn't want aluminum filter housing to cook the fuel.

If you own an IMS I suppose it would be prudent to keep an eye on your fuel line routing, unless your into Flaming Yamaha Surprises.

That sounds like a Japanese circus act...

I have the IMS YZ tank/seat combo - tank is clear. I have had no problems with the single mount. As stated above, natural color lets me see how much/little gas I have. The biggest problem I had was the need to trim the stiffening ribs on the insides of my radiator shrouds. Kinda a pain. No problems experienced so far.


I have the IMS tank. Clear color, love it. Don't like the pet cock on the opposite side but not a big pain. It is a pain if you have the big gun sds. Won't work, tried it, damn near blew myself up. If you have the sds, don't buy the IMS, go with the Clark. I have a bud with the Clark and he likes it. It appears on his bike that the YZ seat does not fit as well as the IMS but not a huge diffenece.



98WR White Bros E Series stock head pipe, IMS Tank/seat Pro Tapers Works Connection guards. Stock timing

I'v had the 3.2 gal IMS tank for 15 months and have had no problems at all. I routed my fuel line forward over the head and to the petcock and made sure of my clerances and as I said no problems.

I'm in the process of mounting the 3.4 gal. Ty Davis (made by IMS but only available through Ty or Montclair Yamaha)designed tank. This tank carries the fuel lower on each side of the engine is not as tall and narrower than the regular IMS tank I'm now using. Will run the Ty tank for the first time on Saturday. To me this is the slickest installation yet for rider manuverability. It mounts just like the IMS tank but you must run a supplied fuel transfer line from the bottom of one side to the other (because of how low the fuel is carried on both sides, this assures all fuel will always get to the petcock). The Petcock is on the left side like stock. I think I will love it.

Will post ride results saturday night.


Any comments on the Acerbis 3.2? They are know of high quality.

Can you get as far forward with the Clarke as you can with the IMS or Acerbis? From the photos, it doesn't look like it.

I'm hesitant to buy the IMS because of the problems making it fit with the stock radiator shrouds (trimmer the plastic supports). The Acerbis seems like a nice tank but it is very tall.


I have the blue Clarke tank, and love it. Mounted very easy, looks good, no fuel line or petcock worries. I used to have an IMS tank my my old XR650l, I liked to too.

In the end I think any of the tanks are good quality but the Clarke is cheaper by far, money talks!


I run a stock tank on my 00 WR and regulary get 110 miles from a tankful. I wouldn't waste money on an aftermarket tank.

Thanks for all of the reply's. I'll decide in a few days proudly show off my new tank in Moab.


Bryan Bosch,

I read a few of these posts about trimming rad. scoops for IMS tank but I did not have to do that. Maybe because I have replaced stockers w/ UFO plastic? They look like they fit fine to me, but maybe I'm more tolerant of stuff like that...

Or maybe its because I have Devol rad. guards which replaces stock lower rad scoop bolt hole (sorry, that just occurred to me).

I have ridden a YZ400 w/ an Acerbis and I think it is virtually identical to IMS from an ergonomic standpoint. That is, I didn't really notice either of them getting in my way.

Clark Mason,

That Ty Davis tank sounds terrific. Definitely let us know how you like it.

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Clarke is there a link where one could get a look at this 3.4 gallon TY Davies tank?

I find the YZ tank to be limiting my range sometimes. After running the YZ tank, the Stock WR is just not an option!



I just finished mounting the Ty Davis tank and it is truly a narrow installation and still holds 3.4 gallons. At the top the tank is just slighly narrower than the seat!!! This tank will be easy to move around on and when in a seated riding position your knees don't even know there is a tank there, standing up it will be invisibe. The tank goes way down on both sides makeing for a lower CG which is also excellent. The Tank is so low and narrow it even has a indentation moulded in where the kickstarter goes when in the up position.

I'll be riding tomarrow early before it gets so darn hot. Been hitten a 101 on my patio the last couple a days.

The tank is a total winner.


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Come on Clark!!

Wheres the pics??? :)



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

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