over heating

my friend is looking at buying a yz450 and he is thinking about not buying it bec of overheating problems? is it true the bike is stock besides a pipe. and he rides open mt. trails and some time tight sections

no its not true..

although it could boil over on very slow rides or idleing but that is true for all 4-strokes.. our local pro has no problems with overheating on his stock YZ450f and he is on the limiter all the time (he also hasn't had any reliability problems, and he has made the mains at the pro races on TV. SX & MX if that tells you anything about the abuse the bike goes thru)

just tell your friend not to let the bike sit and idle (all 4-strokes will over heat that way) and to keep the coolant at a 50/50 mix (water will keep the engine from getting hot so quick b/c it absorbs heat better then antifreeze

I ride with guys with CRF450's, and they overheat way before I do. In fact, I have put 80 hard hours of tight/technical single track, and I haven't had one boil over. Yamahas are solid.

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