I really miss that light feeling of a 250 two stroke. My dealer called me today and said he has a 2001 CR 250 available for delivery right away. My problem is what to do, I'v decided to sell my 2000 wr, good bike but hard to start when flooded and heavy. I always liked that instant throttle responce of a two stroke. I've been told the KTM 520 has a real hard hit, but at over 9000 it is a hard hit. When I bought the WR I thought I would be trail riding mainly but I find myself in gravel pits and motocross tracks with hare scrambles and the odd endure mixed in. So what do you think CR, or KTM and broke. :)

Somehow I dont feel sorry for you Chris!! You should be buying a nice XR200!! Thats all your ability can handle you wuss!! Seriously, I know what you are talking about, I am going to sit down and price out all that eline stuff and lighting that we have talked about and compare it to a 2001 KTM 300EXC. I think the 400EXC is just too much $ for me. I figure I could get a better deal on a 300 because they arent in as big of demand as the RFS's are. A 400 is $9299 cdn vs. $8699 for the 300.

The 2001 CR250 has received very good reviews so far...

I love my '00 CR250. :)

I'll buy another YZ-thumper but they got to lose some weight! The KTM's and others will drive Yamaha to improve, this is a "good" thing;-)


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

the ktm 520's run very well and likes to fly through the air..... I would try the 520 easy to start, light weight and skinny... If you don't like it sell it they seem to move good......

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