Ordered my exhaust today....

I got the White bros Tapered Head pipe, and the aluminum Promeg silencer. Is this going to give me good power all threw the range? I know the Tapered pipe is for low to mid and I thought the Promeg was for Mid to top, So, I should get some all threw the bottom to the top. Anyone else have this exact setup, I would like some opnions before it gets here. Thanks in advance for any comments. Nick

That is basically the same setup I bought from Clark. I have the Titanium tapered head pipe and the carbon fiber Pro Meg e-series. Your thoughts on the performance of the tapered head pipe on the low end and the pro meg on the high end was what Clark had in mind too.

I would say I have to agree. It certainly smoothed out the power band. It also seemed to give it a little more low end grunt. I found myself bringing the front end up with only throttle in terrain it used to just spin when I had the stock pipe with no baffle. Yes, I have YZ timing.

I can't wait to see what you think and if you agree.



What did you go with on your jetting? I live in Mi. I have 170 main in currently, baffle and air box lid off, stop cut. I think we are somewere around sea level. Not sure though. Thanks, Nick

I'm running YZ timing at 6000 to 13000 feet so my jetting would be different than yours.

However, last month in Missouri I ran a 180 main, DVP needle at clip #5, and 48 pilot. I also tried a 185 main and the bike ran fine but I didn't really notice much more power over the 180 main.


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