Is the T4 The Loudest or is The White Bros. E-series capable of being louder?

Is The white bros. E-series louder with all the discs in or no discs just the end cap on?

And is the T4 louder than the E-series any way you look at it?

The WB may be loud without any disks and an open end cap but I don't know if it would be louder than Erik's T4. That is seriously the loudest four stroke I've ever heard at the track I believe. Plus the T4 is WAY better looking than the ugly E-series, it weighs a lot less than the heavy E-series, and with three screws you can pop the spark arrestor screen into place. Also there are three different sized end-caps.

If I were in the market for a pipe now, which I'm not 'cause I love my DSP, I'd get the T4 and run it with the big top-end cap at the track and the small midrange cap and spark arrestor off-road. Really the best of both worlds that way, loud/revvy for MX, and quiet/torque for off-road.


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