White Bros. Exhaust on my 426?

I have an 01 426 and I currently have an FMF Titanium 4 pipe on the back but I am going to race the bike in an enduro and must get the sound down to 96db. I am thinking about going with the White Bros. E2 pipe so that I can run it in the enduro's and then take out the spark arrestor for the track. It looks very easy to change it out, that is why I am interested but wanted to see what you all thought. Thanks!

I'm not sure about the 426, but i have it on my 450 and it works sick! I like to ride in the woods too so i put the spark arrester in and it still runs great.:thumbsup:

white bros pipe is a good pipe but it wont help at all to get decibel levels down for a 426, you could try a supertrap and run with less discs in it in the enduros and then add more discs for racing

White bros is the bomb straight up. I had one on my 03 and have one now on my 06 450 and the carbon pro is officially the golden ticket. But they are loud. Good luck.

They say in the site that the E2 will be lower than the 96dcbls that is why I was looking into it. I'll call them and see what they say, thanks for the info!

whatever you do.. do not get a supertrapp. i have one on my 426 it is very loud, and imo is a peice of crap.. didnt do much for the bike at all.. just using it for the sparky...

get a dr.d thats what i have on my 426 and it is great

i have a e1 with 5-7plates and it passes

Stuff a bunch of packing in it before the inspection, then after they check you take it out :p

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