Checked out YZ250F today

I saw a 2001 YZ250F today at the Walton MX races up here in Canada today. It was up on a stand but asked the Yammy rep if I could lift it off and sit on it. He said OK. First thing I noticed was how much lighter it felt than my 2000 WR400, way easier to pick up off the stand. Second, the rep told me that the 2001 WR250F would NOT have the big tank that the 2001 WR426 has. It would be somewhere in between the YZ250 and the WR426. He said that Doug Dubach thought it was almost unfair for the YZ 250F to be racing with the 125's as he can power away pretty easily! I mentioned to him that I was thinking about buying a YZ400 seat/gas tank combo for my WR. He said to order one for a 98 YZ400 as it is a lot cheaper than for a 99/00 model. The plastic on the tank was a bit thinner on the 98 models and he had no clue why the seat was cheaper but it just is on the 98 vs the 2000.

Plastic on the 99YZ400 tank was 1mm thinner than the 98.



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

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