need help


I need your help, yestarday crashed with a tree and fly about 10mts, I my brand wr400 2000 cross over me another 8mts more. I broke my ankle, yesterday too in the morning cut off the tortle stop, now, I now how fast it is. For be happy the next days my wife will buy me the rear fender and a whitebrothers exhaust s bent series, because all this things bent horrible. and the bike only has one month.

could yours get for me the phonenumbers of somes Yamahas dealers like in San Diego California or close to the border. here In Guadalajara MEXICO the yamaha dealer the parts are order to Japan and is about 60 days to get and very expensives ejem. wr400f 2000 price $9000 usd.

wow. it sounds as if they've got you on some heavy-duty drugs. try not to lose the persricption. lol.

ps. sorry to hear about your problems. i hope things turn out ok for you.

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