WFO_DON you have a T-4 right so could you tell me, is it loudest?

I went in the other day to my local dealer and ordered a white bros. E-series pipe but they can't order it till tuesday so I can call in and change that if I decide on the Pro Circuit T-4. I haven't seen the T-4 so I can't really decide is the T-4 as tunable as the E-series? I want the loudest possible exhaust. The T-4 has a spark arrester right?

Thanks for any replies!

Well! I got 1 day till they order my E-series should I get the T-4?

the T4 i own is so loud i can't wait to get rid of the thing-should suit you down to the ground!!!

even my mates won't buy it off me.

if it's not the loudest it's close too.

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