Manual for YZ426F???

Does anyone know where I can get a manual for my 2000 YZ426F online? The one in the sticky does not work. Thanks!

What do you mean, "doesn't work"?

The link works fine unless the site's down, and the manuals all download OK.

Most of them are protected against printing, if that's what you mean, but hey, they're free.

I downloaded one for a yz400f and it works fine. I have just purchased a 2000 yz426f and downloaded the manual for it and it says that it has an error that can't be corrected.

Probably a one time error in transmitting the file. It just now worked fine for me.

I still can't get the one for 2000 yz426f to work??

redownload the file again.

I still can't get the one for 2000 yz426f to work??
If you're using a version of Acrobat Reader older than 6.0, you should upgrade it. The problem you're having is at your end.

That one is for a 2001. There are only a very few differences, but the valve clearance will be wrong, it won't show a balancer drive gear key, the clutch stack up is different, and the electrical system could vary.

He should be able to download it if he first discards the copy he has. If not, I can e-mail one to him.

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