Flat Tires

What no one has pointed out is that if you get two flats with the same tire within the "same time zone" you may not realize the object which created the original flat is still embedded in the tire, and it soons flatens the new tube.

Check closely nothing is embedded in the tire if you ever get a flat...:thumbsup:

As far as pinch flats go I don't believe that HD tubes make a difference. Hd tubes are obviously better for puncture flats like thorns, ect. The only thing that will stop a pinch flat is at least 15psi pressure and a tire with a thicker, harder sidewall. Desert tires are the best choice. Also tire height is a huge flat deterrent. That's why off-road (non-mx) bikes come with an 18" wheel. So they can run a tire with more height, allowing the rider to run less pressure with less the worry of pinch flats. I have a CRFr with a stock rear tire size of 110-90-19. I move up to the 120-90-19 if I'm riding desert or Baja for the wider footprint and increased tire height. I use the 120-80-19 for MX. If you can get a tire with more height to fit your bike. I think that's the best way to protect against pinches.

Disagree on the HD tube theory.

Although the desert tires have harder sidewalls and resist pinch-flats, the HD tubes also work. All three items are critical (tire, tube, pressure) when taking big rock hits on the heavy XR. When riding at speed in the long washes- there are times when you hit hidden solid boulder edges with a heavy suspension load and the hit is tremendous- shuttering the bike and your body. The tubes do help.

I have learned the hard way.

I agree that heavy duty tube help stop pinch flats. When jumping the XR650R over 65 foot table top pinch flat was right away with standard tube but, with ultra heavy tube it was nomore. The tire pressure being low at 10~12 psi. Nail flats in Mexico was over and over again with Maxxis IT. This is do to the space cut between the smaller knobbies that pick up the nail and it is turned right into the tire.

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