BLM seeks public comments on OHV use

Now is the time for us to get some selective words to the people who have the power to make decisions on our future riding areas.

This address goes right to Washington DC. Start your letter with.......Mr. Comment Manager.....

They are looking for ideas to make us comform to areas we ride in.

Lets show them that we care for our trails and are responsible.

MOAB may be next to close.

I have done my part by sending a handwritten letter to the BLM requesting that they consider off-roaders when closing land (ie - Klinton legacy land grabs).

Anyone else up to the task?

Done! I was looking at the BLMs powerpoint presentation and did not realize that there has been a class action lawsuit filed against the State of California regarding the "green sticker" program. From what you folks in CA have told us, it does not surprise me.

[This message has been edited by AngryCandy (edited 08-22-2000).]

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