Rainbow Trail Ride (Salida, CO)

Bryan and Darin! I came here to see how hard you guys were gonna rail me for that crash on Friday (8/18). No news? I gave you an excellent opportunity to rail on us 2-stroke riders and you blew it! What gives??? *L*

Crash? What Crash?


Sorry to dissapoint Java. But I'm not in the habit of digging on someone when they kick my butt all over the trail during the rest of the ride! :)

What a great time though! Once again I had a great time riding with you guys. Too bad you didn't live closer.

I'm already plotting out our next adventure.


I think I do enough hacking on you without adding to it here, but here goes anyways.

I had been holding these 2 (bryan and java) up taking pictures every 2 seconds so I decided to put the camera down and actually do some riding since that what we came out for.

I took off in the lead and went about 50 yards. I crossed an intersection in the trail and thought mabye since I am not real familar with the area that I would stop and make sure I am going the right way.

So I turn around and Java comes over the crest of the hill wheeieing!

Im not sure whos eyes were bigger but I just turned back around and waited for the impact.

BOOM! saiyan.gif He superman'd off his bike and body slammed me.

So he landed on the ground, I landed on him, and my bike landed on me.

Im not sure what he was smoking. bongsmi.gif All the damage that came out of it was a bent footpeg on my bike. He came out way worse.

The moral to this story?

We really need to keep 2-smokers off the trail. :)


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

I think all of us were cutting the trails pretty well, Bryan. Next time I'll have the helmetcam along. I'll keep ya posted on when I get it and how it works.

Good story, Darin. That's pretty much tellin' it like it is, but I think I was the only one doin' the smokin'...



Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

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