2-Dad's Racing = P/O'd Customer!!!

Purchased parts from Mark at 2-Dad's Racing.. Returned per his instructions a used 98/99 WR400 shark fin for $70 refund. (for an 02 WR426?) 2 voice mails and 5 direct contacts/phone calls with promises at each call to put refund in mail right away! Yet to see it!!!! Anybody else had this problem with them? This situation really saddens me as he seemed like a really nice guy..


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:D Sympathies, Although I dont and probably never will deal with the same company's you guy's do, The situation is the same the world over........IT SUCKS! :)


i bought my stroker tailpipe, powerbomb header, scotts damper and scotts triple clamps off of him. everything was good except the triple clamps which he had claimed to have lost once and then when i did get then they were standard and i'd asked for 5mm less offset.

soon as i said anything he just clammed up.

with me over the pond here, there was nothing i could do...


THANX! for posting this, that will save some of us the headaches you are now dealing with. I also have not bought anything from him and glad I did'nt.

And I am sorry to here you have to go through it. It does SUCK!

Hope you get it all worked out. ~Hitman~

Please post the name of this distributor so no one else gets sucked in to their BS.

We don't have time to deal with these idiots. TT provides a great forum to get the message across that "we won't be fooled again".


Ok, here they are: 2-Dad's Racing Northridge, Ca. ph# 818-782-4600



I talked to Mark again today at 2-Dads Racing. Say's he's very sorry for the delay's, he's been out of stamps!! He's got stamps now and it will go into the mail right away!..

We'll see...


funny that was the same excuse i gave the phone company right when the turned off my phone. Dude i am out of stamps. If that is all your customers mean to you i will take my business else where thank you very much.

You have got to be friggin kidding me....Stamps....Who the hell runs any kind of business on damn stamps? That is the most outrageous excuse I have ever heard out of a vendor.

It makes me think these guys are running a business out of their garage with 1 telephone, 1 Fax machine and 1 computer for e-mail....You need something....They go out to a real business, buy it, mark it up so they make a good profit, then dump all the change out of their pockets and one of them goes to the Post Office to mail your order...... I'll bet I'm not far off the mark here.

Thanks for the warning, they will never get a dime of my hard earned money, and I'll pass it along to my friends.....

How do you like that for a free market economy there 2-Dads Racing.....

Bonzai :)

It's funny that you mentioned a garage with a phone line. I don't even think mark has a business line, it's just his cell phone. You would get a kick out of his shop. It's actually a shack in the back of a building (just like Samford @ Son). The place looks like a garage sale with tons of WR and YZ parts just spilled all over the place, on the floor, hanging from the ceiling, leaning against the wall, everywhere you look it's all blue.

I have bought stuff from him with no problems at all. He really is a super nice guy, but the whole "out of stamps" is worse than any excuse that I've ever used before.

Ya know, it's really nice that we have the internet, it's hard to run when everybody knows what goes on. And all it takes is one bad expierence to ruin a guys reputation. Hopefully this won't be something that he does again.

peace out....DL :)

I have never had a problem at 2 dads and he has lots of new and used yz/wr parts. And yes I think he is a one man show

I know 2-Dad's has posted numerous times here on T-Talk offering various items for sale, so I know he visits this site. I'm just curious as to why he hasn't posted some sort of reply or explanation in his defense? Too embarrassed...too ashamed...??? Probably.

Or maybe it's just that he hasn't had the opportunity because the power to his PC was turned off when he didn't have any stamps to mail the power bill!!!

yea but Sanford and Son was some funny sh it yo


Got a check today from 2-Dads racing.

It really is too bad that it took so much and so long to get a simple refund. Like Mike and Dan mentioned, even though their a one-man show, I still believe they would be good to do business with. Mark is a nice guy and very helpful, sometimes things do fall through the cracks. But if we all see a pattern here, then we know.


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