Late Arrival

I'm new to the forum and a friend of Mike in Silicon valley. I'd like to thank Monty for a great ride at Stonyford. Trail #6 Kicks Butt:d even if you blow by trail #8 oops. I really enjoyed meeting the guys and girl and look forward to riding with Monty the Mighty Trail God at Georgetown. And as far as Moab goes check out the September issue of Dirt Rider. I'm already getting forearm pump just looking at the article and knowing we'll all be there soon.

Dirt Bike has the article on Moab not dirt rider sorry for the type o.


about time you got on this forum even though you ride a YZ if I recall. You are a hell of a good rider. Look forward to Georgetown as well in Sept. could be a good starter before Moab. Glad to here you are going. You Mike, Brian, John and I need to communicate about travel etc. Let me know.

Mike In Roseville

Mike in Roseville definately have to set a date and pray for rain. I would like to make a weekend out of it and bring the family. Good hearing from you. Howard

Hay Howard about time we heard from you i was thinking you were still out looking for lost ridders HEHE.ARE you going to make a weekend of the georgetown ride or mohab ?


P.S. going to georgetown this weekend for a daulsport ride want to go?

Monty, I would like to go on the Georgetown run when you set a date let me know for the weekend I hope. And yes I just got the O.K. from the head of the household that Moab is a go it looks like Mike an I will ride together with the possibility of a third party going also. I'm just now becoming computer literate that is the reason for the delay. I would like to bring the family to Georgetown so we'll have our trailer in tow. Good hearing from you. Howard

Monty I wont be able to make the dual sport ride this weekend Hollister Hills Off Road Association is puting on a family ride this weekend and I am already scheduled to participate. Before I can go on any dual sport rides I need to talk to you about making my YZ400 dual sportable. :)

HOWARD- Tell me something about that family ride at Hollister. Do they use the upper ranch? Is it ok for my 10 year old on his xr70? My wife rides too and that sounds kinda fun. Thanks.

Rod the Hollister run is Officially called The 8th Annual Youth Ambassador's Rummy Run it is welcome to all ages with a poker run format gift certificate awards are given in every class. The date is August 26th sign up open 8:30 to 10:00am Saturday morning there will also be a free hot dog barbeque 12:00 to 1:00. You will have to join HHORRA it's only $15.00 for the entire family for one year. It is run in a family oriented format designed to promote off road motorcycling to wives and children. Rider age classes start at 6yrs to over 40. Hope to see you there :)

Howard good deal on georgetown i know a good place to camp[bald montain] all the good trails start up there.when all the others get back from there vac. we will set a date it will be lots of fun.

monty :)

Bald Mountain sounds like it's right up Silicon Mikes alley :) Looking forward to introducing you formally to the family.


You got it Howard stay in touch i will post when everone gets a date going :)


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