hello everyone ,,,i'm just about to purchase my new trail bike ,,i was all set to get a "cough" XR 400,,then i saw a write up which praised the WR ,,from the first pic i saw of it i was hooked ,,i live in the uk and will be using it for general having fun ,,green laning ,,popping to the shops,,camping weekends etc ,,can some of you spare a minute to tell me ,,why you like the WR ,,are they reliable etc ,,as my bird is paying a hefty chunk towards the bike i told her i'd show her some feedback from people who own!!!,,,thanks for your time,,,


ps,the 01 model will be available soon does anyone know the differances between 00/01?

'01 model will be a 426 w/ titanium valves, "redesigned" clutch and some changes to shift drum, according to Yamaha.

Either WR400 or WR426 is lighter and faster than XR, but, generally speaking, is more race oriented and therefore requires a bit more maintenance and set up (jetting, valve adjustments). Probably nothing is more reliable than an XR, but the Yamaha might be close if properly cared for...

I doubt anyone in this forum will recommend you buy the XR...

What the heck is "green laning" and how is a "bird" going to get the money to pay for a bike? My English needs some work...

cheers ,,,"green laning" is all we are allowed to "legaly" do in the UK ,it involves getting local ordenance survey maps and finding unused/used ,vehicle rights of way,they could go right through peoples back yards or over farmers fields ,,

my girlfreind will be helping out with the cash :),,,,,,

The WR will be perfect for what you are using it for. I owned one for a little over a year. I sold it to get a two stroke. The two stroke suits me better. However, if I were going to choose between the WR and my two stroke for in generaljust playing around, I would certainly choose the WR. It is a blast to ride at all paces. Weather you want to just take it easy or go balls to the wall. I found my 98 WR400 to be very reliable. I sold it to a friend, who also races harescrambles and he loves the bike.

You'll love it.


I have a 99 wr400 nice bike.. If i had to do over again I don't know if I would buy another... I'm still looking for that perfect bike, I've had alot of bikes two and four strokes. I rode a DRZ400E that is a nice bike for someone who isn't going to race but but do some trail riding they will move along pretty fast though. The one I rode was all stock. I also rode a husky 400 It was a 2000 very nice bike.. I would of liked my wr more if it would of come stock with like a ims seat and tank the stock tank and seat sucks It's like riding a bike from the 80's......... and It sucks changing your oil every two or there rides... If it posible take a suzuki DRZ400E for a ride.. they rev. fairly high. fell nice in the seat and they are electric start... Thats my opinon... For what it is ..........

where are you from adam? i'm from Ely in cambs. off to the Manx tomorrow where my WR awaits plus some mates.

i've only ridden the dirt since feb & the bike is bullet proof. it's really hard work if you're going to fall off a lot & then the skill goes up as the crashes go down & it's brill!!!

it isn't a bike for the nadgery but get it going down those green lanes & you won't want anything else.

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