Devol Radiotor guards suck!!!

I like mine!!!!!

do you know where I can find instllation guide for devol radiator guards?

I have works connection AND some other type (cant remember)fitted together on my '00 wr400.They are both crap.Very slow tips bent guards and wrecked radiators twice.My mate has these ones fitted to his wr450, i think these are the best iv seen.

c&c machined with directional cooling vents. "B&B off road engineering".


Wow, a 9 year old thread keeps on going.

I may have answered here already but...

I too have Devol radiator guards. Cost me $25. They have been FANTASTIC but I don't run into trees very often.

Well I must say Devols customer service sucks.

I wrote them about obtaining a new rear wheel spacer for my rear disc guard and got no response.

I did lots of looking around and the best I've found (in my opinion) are the Force Rad Guards. They are built in Aus!

+1 on these little babies. I recently put a set on my '08 WR450 when fitting a Clarke tank and the radiator guards are a real nice bit of gear, very well made and stong too. Time will tell when I come to my next big crash but from what others have said is that they hold up very well and are the pick of the bunch down here in Australia.

They are radiator guards....

they guard from rocks, and roost. maybe light scrapes.

Buy Radiator Braces if you want real protection, i bought works radiator braces for my 08 yz450f and they have already paid for themselves three times.

you can run both, my buddy does, but i hardly ride the track and do not worry about roost.

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