Looking to buy an engine

I'm trying to find out where (somewhere in North America) I can buy an complete dirt bike engine ( a 2003 yamaha yz450f to be specific) and just the engine. Mine is bad enough where if I took it to a shop it would cost about the same to rebuild it. Does anyone know a supplier a builder or a store that sells create motors or a race team that sells there old stuff.

not many companies actually sell just the motors for there bikes, my buddies bike exploded and he thought he could pick up a new motor for like 2,000, wrong they dont make them and there very hard to come by, try ebay, but otherwise i would recommend parting off your bike on ebay and just buying a new bike

lookin to plump down some cheese? check ebay, thats about the best bet you have to find a complete engine.

How bad is your engine? Are we talking cracked cases, shredded crank, hole in the piston?

You may be able to get the parts and rebuild it yourself this winter. Unless the engine has taken some serious damage to the center cases (ie a hole big enough to put your fist through), you can do almost everything in your garage. You may need to take a few pieces to a machine shop for specialized tool work, but I would consider it a learning experience.

If you don't want to try this yourself, then you can always look around for someone local who will do it for you. Met my best friend when he offered to help me rebuild my first SBC. Either way, it would probably be cheaper than buying a whole new engine.

Or, just start looking on eBay. But any engines you find there are probably from bikes being parted out for one reason or another, so beware that you may not get a ready to run engine.

Good luck.

thanks guys it looks like a i have another winter project

lookin to plump down some cheese? check ebay, thats about the best bet you have to find a complete engine.

You'll never find one. 99.99% of YZF's you see on Ebay are parted out chassis' because the owners granaded the engine an can't afford to repair the engines. My buddy looked for a good 2001 YZ250F engine for a year, and never found one. He (actually I) finally ended up just rebuilding his engine to the tune of $1700 in parts ALONE, not to mention the 30 hours of labor I put into his bike.....

My buddys YZF blew from the previous owner simply never changing the oil....

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