Valve Clearance help

help me plz!

Hey im just doin a routine valve check. but i ran into something wired..

i got this reading.

Exhaust left :.012 Exhaust right: .012

.305 .305

mm mm

then for intake left to right

.006 .004 .006

.152 .102 .152

mm mm mm

its wired because when i last checked it about 30ish hours or so all intakes were

.124 mm and the exhaust were .229mm

i don't get it, aren't valves supposed to tighten when they get worn? the bike is not that old it only has like 8 mx hrs on it and like 40ish trail riding hours.

Both measurements taken cold?

yes they were

Check them again, and be particularly careful about the position of the crank.

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