Chain guide killing swingarm?

My chain guide seems to be eating my swingarm. Dirt and grit is getting under the guide and wearing on my swingarm. I have less then 300 miles on my bike! How can I stop this?

:) I've glued a thin rubber pad to my swing arm to prevent trapped dirt and also to provide a slightly thicker buffer for when the guide wears thru!

Works for me! :D

I just purchased a chain buffer from Ty Davis. They are kinda expensive but he says you'll never have to replace it as it will never wear out and it will not wear on the swingarm like the stock ones. Have not put it on yet but anxious to install it and be rid of that issue.

You can see it at


Guy did you glue a piece to the top and bottom? I have my bike in the house working on it and checked out my swingarm tonight and it was starting to wear from the chain guide. I got a inner tube to glue to it. The bottom doesn't show any signs of wear but maybe I will put some on the bottom just in case :) I am greatful I have you guys here at TT, you catch stuff that I would never find until it was too late.


WR 426

My cheap solution was to use double-sided tape to hold it down. It's been on there for about 6 months now and no problems so far. Here's a picture of MY swingarm brfore I fixed it:


So make sure you fix it!

you may not want to hear this but the problem in the picture above is caused by lack of maintinance. when the chain is not adjusted properly it floggs out the chain guide, this has been happening on all YZ/WR 2 and 4 strokes since 98 that i know of. if the chain is adusted properly tha chain guide will not wear out are quick. i have only replaced one guide on my 98 and i have had it since new.

this is just my findings from my own bike and allso the bikes i maintain through my work.

Originally posted by Farmboy:

Guy did you glue a piece to the top and bottom?............


WR 426

Jake...No I just did the top and I used contact adhesive, an innertube was what I used as well


reed your personnal message. (PM) :)

arrow101, you could very well be correct the above damage was due to a lack of maintenance. I do run my chain loose. I try to keep the chain slack at 2" because I guess I'm more afraid of messing up the motor than the swingarm. (I'm thinking: If I keep chain slack at the max limit, anything over could cause problems.) One thing I can say is, since I have done the cheap fix, it hasn't happened (yet) and I don't think the maintenance has changed since then. As a matter of fact, I just replaced a chain that was way over stretched and there was only normal wear on the guard. This was probably the worst I've ever abused a chain. :)

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Rich in Orlando, did you fix that crack in the weld? :)

I just used 1/4" weather stripping. The foam is dense and the adhesion is good. I didn't have to remove the swingarm. Also, I put a small washer between the bolt and the large washer to hold it down. I have had no problems so far.

It's fixed...does super glue and duct tape count? :)

I had a guy weld it for me. He prepped and welded the crack and filled in most of the damage to the top of the swingarm. He did a pretty good job, and it only cost $35.

Here's a picture of it:


the weld on the swingarm doesnt help much either. that is the greatest wear point on the slider and it has the least material ther go figure?

I got a strip of neoprene which is used as wear plates on truck turntables and cut it to the same shape as the original slider. i placed this under the original slider the same way you have described just a different material which works much better than an old tube.

Thanks for the heads up guys. I checked mine out tonight and it looks like the weld on mine is starting to wear also.

No crack yet but since I dont have any neoprene I guess Ill use the tire tube also.

Thanks a million!


I just bought a TM Designworks chain buffer.

Do I need to put something under it too or is it supposed to keep the swingarm from wearing unlike the stocker.

Also I have read that the TM makes some noise. What do you all recommend for that? Did I hear someone say Goop?

Isnt that what you use to clean your hands?

Are you running a TM Designworks (Ty Davis) chain buffer Rich?

Thats what I really want to know. Do I need the goop for that?

Originally posted by MOmilkman:

Are you running a TM Designworks (Ty Davis) chain buffer Rich?

Thats what I really want to know. Do I need the goop for that?

I just tore down my '00, about 100 hours with the TM guide and about 4 with the stocker :)

There is a few scratches that obviously occurred when the stocker wore through over the seam/weld, but no other damage to speak of. I've heard of folks sealing under the guide but I thought that was to prevent the fasteners from vibrating out and lessen the noise.

I have a more recent model of the TM piece on my '01, it has a rail preformed into the slider for the chain rollers to ride on, as a result that spooky whining noise is nonexistant.

Doesn't look to be any damage to my '01 swingarm after another 80 to 100 hours with the TM slider. So that is my experience...

No, I have a stock chain buffer, but you'd asked about Goop and that's what I use. Don't know if you need it on the TM.

Ok, Thanks guys I appreciate all the info. :)

I put this stuff called "Automotive Goop" under my chain buffer several months ago and it's holding up pretty well so far. It's kind of like contact cement. I got it in the glue section at Home Depot.

I GOOPed my T.M. swingarm buffer before trying it without, because of the warnings of the noise, from our fellow TT'rs. I do not notice any more noise than stock, and have put about 500 miles on so far. The GOOP has held up great, and I recomend you try it!

GOOP is an all purpose addhesive found everywhere.

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