Frame is awry XR650L

So I was getting my frame stripped down and ready for powder coating when I noticed some non-factory welds. You know the type, too cold and look like a pile of bird poop. So I snapped some pictures to explain what I found and to try and get some answers.

The first two pictures are of the right rear side of the of the frame near where the muffler bolts up. It aprears that someone has added a nut to the frame for some reason. I know I didn't remove any bolts for it so maybe someone could go pull their number plate and tell me if they have something bolted up there.



The next two pictures are from the inside of the frame on the left side right about where the chain runs. I have no idea why this area has crapy welds all over it. Is this a common point of failure on the frame? Or maybe the chain had chewed up the frame a bit?



So should I be worried about the frame's structural soundness? And before I coat the frame are there any areas that need to be reinforced so that they don't become an issue in the future.

Man, that looks hideous. I'd cut all that junk off just to see what's under there.

Maybe the previous owner created a mount for a rack system, then tried to strenghten the frame below? If it is a frame repair below, you may want to make sure all is well before you go thru the time and expense of the powder coat job...:thumbsup:

the frame has some weak spots,mine cracked near the rear brake reservoir

where the mufffler bolts to the frame,and second crack was on the left side

where the subframe attaches to main frame, and i think i have noticed another one.

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