Street Legal in Ca ? for a 1999 WR400 owner

To make a bike street legal in calif. you must NOT have a C or a 3 in the 8th digit of the bikes serial number. Year 2000 models have a C or 3... no streetable! sucks Can someone find out if there 99 or 98 WR400 has a C or 3 in its 8th digit on its serial number????

thanks! :) Joe

Some do have a C or a 3 and some do not. I brought mine (99WR)in from Az and it has a W. A friend of mine got a 98 WR from Ky and it has a W. You have to look carefully. I believe all 00's have a C or a 3.


[This message has been edited by Clark Mason (edited 08-25-2000).]

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