Anyone is S Cal wanna ride Sat?

I'll be in S Cal on Saturday with some time to kill. Might bring along the WR if I can find someplace to ride. :)

Anyone riding Hungary Valley or some other cool place? I'd like to hook up and try some new trails and/or track if someone can show me the way. Noonish till late afternoon.



I was just about to write a post asking if anyone wanted to ride.

I would be very up for riding trails tomorrow. I live in West LA and have ridden Gorman a number of times and have a map. I'm a red sticker and this time of year Gorman is green sticker only but I'll go anyway. I just can't go in the front entrance I'll go in over by the Moto X track.

Also- I was thinking about riding in the morning. Any chance we could start at 9:00 or 10:00.

If anyone else (read please- I'm looking for riding partners) wants to ride tomorrow or anytime. Call or write:

Harold Anderson 310-994-1020,

Best regards,



I'm all for a ride a Gorman! :) I can re-arrange my schedule to ride in the am.

(actually I'm going to see Mark at 2-Dads).

Probably 10am would be good for me. I will have about a 2-3 hr drive :D to get there, so I don't want to start too early.

Will you be at that phone # between 5-5:15 today? I'll give you a call.


Great. 10 is fine. I will be at this number around 5/5:15. May even be at the DMV to try to get a green sticker. We will need to coordinate where we want to meet and park. Are you green or red sticker? Mark @ 2 Dads just did a bunch of work on my bike. Turned out great.


If you get there early enough, before six am ,the forest police are not there and you can get in free, red sticker or not.

Oh yeah, don't forget your Forest Adventure Pass (just kidding). I don't buy these things and actually collect citations for not having a pass. I'm up to 23 tickets now and counting.

If I'm lucky enough to be at my truck when the forest police are giving me a ticket, I will tell them that I was parked at the same place yesterday without a pass and request he give me a ticket for that day too. So far it has not worked…


I am going to park on the dirt road near the mx track and just pick up the trail that goes by the track, but no official parking place. I've never been before 6 am, so the park police check my registration before they let me in. I'm hoping there's not a lot of rangers on the trails. I guess those tickets don't mean much- no warrants for your arrest. You want to ride tomorrow?


I'm up for next Sat. or Sun. at Gorman, my wife is out of town for a week starting next Sat. 6am., :) so I have all the following week to ride. Anyone interested in Gorman, Glen Helen,Arrowhead/big bear, or Elsinore, please respond.




So Cal Erik

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