Suspension help.

I know this has been asked 12583 times but I am suspension illiterate and reading the book and doing a search on here does not help when all I understand is 10 clicks out or in. LOL. I dont know if I need to have my compression or rebound softer, harder, faster or slower.

So if there is any one that can put this in layman's terms for me or just tell me how many times to click each one it would be great.

I have a 2001 YZ426F basically stock and I am 6.1 @ 230. I know I will need new heavier springs for the front with my size but just want it set up the best I can with what I have for now. I also ride in a lot of sand.

I have read this, in fact it is laying on the ground next to my bike now. I was kinda looking for the easy way out like 10 or so clicks.LOL. I know where the book says to set it at for the average person. But what do they consider average and where do I go from that starting point for my size?

YZ's are sprung for riders in the 170-185 pound range. At 230, you are somewhat beyond that. The trouble is that without the correct springs, you are first going to have to add an excessive amount of compression damping to compensate for the weak springs, and you will also be riding too low in the stroke for the valving to work as intended. There is no basic recipe of clicker settings that will get you going.

That is about what I was looking for.


So lets see if I have this now!! With me being bigger I would need more compression damping and less rebound damping? Or more compression and rebound.

Probably the former.

You have been a great help. After everything I have read it is all coming together now.


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