Please assist newbie with 650R tires & wheels


I think I'm going to pick-up a plated 01' XR650R w/ a CR500 front end this weekend.

It currently have dot dirt tires on it (don't know the brand/make). But I'm wanting to have a set of 'street' wheels and 'dirt' wheels.

Question is:

1) I don't know ANY spec for this thing. What size/brand/model rims are best for street? Dirt? What front sproket to use of street? Dirt? I was thinking like a supermoto rear and light knob front (kinda like the DRZ-s has up front). What do you think? What do you like? Rim locks for the dirt wheels, right? Are the stock rims useable for any of these?





~ Knobbies ~ i have a set of bridgestone DOT knobbies on my 250L and they are great! awsome traction and long life on blacktop.

~ Sprockets ~ stock is 14/48, i have that on my 07 bike, and 15/45 on my 03, the 15/45 makes a big diffornce. I know some guys run 15/40 which will make cruising at 60-70 so problem!

~ Wheels ~ ive never set up 17 in supermoto wheels on myn but im going to as soon as i get some spair cash. Ive seen some guys fit on 5 in rear rims with 160 tires but they have to relocate the chain and sprockets. the most popular spocked wheels is a 4.25.

you can try motostrano, and factory pro racing.

the SM setup costs a fortune, so for now im useing the stock rims and knobbies for everything. The bike works great for everything and wonce uncorked and geared right its a total beast:thumbsup:

sorry i gota show these off...there on about 5 threads already

I put full street tires on mine. They hook up much better in the dirt than I expected, but are not knobbies. Stick to the road really well. Knobbies on the road are dangerous and don't last long.


Hey rm289z,

That looks like what I'm talking about for 'street' use tires. Are those the stock rims? what tire size and brand? It sounds like your happy with the set-up, anything you would have changed? What sprockets are you using?

ok, I think I'm about half way there with rm289z's help! Thanks!!

Anyone know about 'dirt' use tires? I keep seeing posts saying the Excel rims are #1, that about right? Any suggestions? Hmm...

The tires are Bridgestone Battlax BT-45's (H-rated). This is my first road bike so I really have nothing to compary the tires to. They stick well enough that you can touch a peg to the ground and with the crappy stock front brake they will lift the rear in the air no problem. I mounted them on the stock rims. They are not super stick race tires but sport touring 10,000 mile tires. I got them at motorcycle superstore for somewhere around $140. Rear is a 120, front is a 90/90. I was a little afraid of the 21" rim and tire on the street compared to the 17's everyone runs, but so far have had no problem, I feel like it would stick just as well as any rocket in a corner, if not better. You still have to run a tube too. If you are looking for race track performance I think Maxxis makes a sticky 21" front a lot of the sportsman supermoto guys run, but will probably be more expensive and not last as long.

The bike came with the stock 14/48 gearing, I just got a 15 front sprocket to try before I bought a rear too. Not a bad setup and you can get away not cutting the chain. probably bumped each gear about 7 mph taller. I am going to try the 45 rear to try to stretch mileage. The engine is fine with the 15/48 cruising at 50-55, but you start to get up into the torque curve. Great for around town, but the engine is spinning a little fast for long highway runs. I would like it to cruise around 60.

Dirt Tires all depend on the terrain you ride in. Find a longer lasting compound for the back tire if you want to get any distance. Dunlop 952 would probably be a great tire for pure dirt riding (not a DOT tire).

Stock Rims will work fine for dirt or street, make sure you use the rim locks for either or you will be putting tubes in it over and over. If you are buying two sets of rims, you might keep the stock for dirt and buy a set of 17" supermoto rims for the street.

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