#@#$% bolt is impossible to put in..help!!

Hey Guys,

I did a search on this and no luck. I'm puting my xr650R together, got the engine in, bolted in place (stripped a few because my torgue wrench choose to stop working...). Now, I'm putting the oil lines in at the bottom of the engine. The lines are secured by a plate with two small 8mm bolts. The bottom bolt is in, because it is somewhat accessible with a wrench. Now the top one I can't get in. The lines are in the way to go at it from the side and the frame rail is in the way of it to go at it from the front.:bonk:

How do you guys do it? :excuseme: Please help.


I think you can use a 1/4 in.drive extenion and a universal joint or a swivel socket

That's how I did mine.. A 1/4" extension (8" or so) and a swivel Snap-On socket.

thanks guys. I guess I need the right tools. Off to Parts source I go....


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