Coolant in oil and exhust pipe?

Yesterday I was having trouble starting my 99 wr400 - it will normally start on first or second kick when choked cold.But this time I had to pull out the hot start to get more air. Then today I checked the oil and found it overfull and more coolant in the exhaust pipe I removed the pipe and kicked it over only to see lots of coolant come gushing out. I then drained all the oil and found it milky and full of coolant as well.

Where do I start? Please help if you can.

"Dude we can fix it, My dad has a great set of tools"

Do you remember this movie quote?

Start by washing the bike and cleaning the garage and work bench:p :thumbsup:

After you get it cleaned then tear it down and start looking for a crack in the head area. Cracked head or blown head gasket. Pray for the gasket.

Anything unusual happen the last time you had it out????

Have you overheated the bike lately???

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