Duel Sport Ride

Just got back from a duel sport ride from GardenValley to South Lake Tahoe. I took along two riders from the DRZ Forum, Christian from France, and this was his first time riding a duel sport ride in the U.S.A. and Randy ( ratso ). We started at 8:30 am Saturday morning from GardenValley in the Sierras ( about 15 miles from Placerville on Highway 193 ). The ride started right off on singal track trails, up hills, down through creek crossings, then climbing back up to the high Sierras crossing the Union Valley Devide to a place called Ice House where we had lunch, refuled, and back into the High Sierra trails, dropping you down to highway 50 to Kyburz, on to the old poney espress trail back to Georgetown with a total of 140 miles under our belts. Beatiful weather, and great riding. :) MONTY WILSON

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