XRR Rod kit where to order besides XR's only


I found the Falcon and Corrillo rods but....

Without rod pin, bearing and thrush washers.

so where can I order a complete kit with either the Falcon or Corrillo rod for the XR650R besides XRs Only...

I see hot rods has rod pins bearings and thrush washers you can buy separately but I have no Idea what sizes to order.

anyone have those specs.

in addition, what is the thread size for the flywheel puller. Or do I just bone up and buy the puller for this bike?

E-bay has lots of rod kits for sale.

I've bought a few there an they were half the cost of the hotrod kit.

Some of the aftermarket rods like Carillo use the stock big end pin and bearings.

Motion Pro sells the puller for about $12.00 and they say the thread size is M20 X 1.5

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