Yzf 426 starting problem


I know that it is very common thread but I havn't found what I'm looking for.

I've asked this question some time ago but under another title and connected with another problem.


My bike starts perfect when cold even after long break.

When hot after short it starts also well. No more then 5 minutes after very hard ride it starts ok. But If I stop the bike and leave it for 10-29 minutes it is hard to start without using hot start . With hot starts it starts from first kick.

I've cleand the carb, changed the spark plug, adjusted valves and it's still doing this.

It has standart jetting and fuel settings.

Riding conditions: humidity : 75% , temperature: 27-35 deg. Celcius

Please give me an advice.

Maybe lots of fuel vapors rise up and go into the engine during your rest while the bike is hot. No big deal. Pull the hot start and go. Seems you have figured out a solution already.

thats why the hot start button is there....use it ....end of problem.

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