YZ Bottom End

With YZ timing and an E-Series exhaust (12disks)+ air-box lid removed, I found that I lost much of my bottom end. In the tight and on really steep rocky stuff it isn't much fun. I had to resort to too much clutch abuse. I would love the WR bottom end and YZ mid to top end. Other than flywheel weights are there any other options? Someone told me that a tapered header pipe would make a big difference. Is this true?


I hate to see anybody loose their bottom end. Both the WB tapered and FMF PowerBomb headers will increase Bottom end performance. Also droping one tooth on the countershaft sprocket and flywheel weights would help quite a bit.

I sold Bryan our moderator my e-series with a tapered header and so far he has had good top to bottom results. In fact I thought I heard him advertising some sort of easy "wheelieing"


Try going to a 52 tooth rear sprocket. I found the same problem when I went to YZ timing. This helped get the control back in the nasty stuff.

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