thoughts on all different four strokes

what all kinds of 4 strokes have you rode and what where they like.... just wondering,

Just my 426, an XR400 about a year ago and more recently an XR650 and a '00 KTM 520 SX.

I wouldn't mind having an XR at all, for lots of types of riding the XR400 is probably more at home than a YZ/WR (woods, rocks, nasty conditions) even though it is heavier AND slower.

The 650 is awesome. That, IMO, is the perfect Dual Sport bike. Comfy saddle, little vibration, lots of speed and torque.

Also, it handles amazingly well for how heavy it is. The suspension is forgiving, the long wheelbase tracks very well and the brakes are amazing.

The KTM is more similar to my 426 than the Hondas. It felt way lighter than my 426. The motor is probably easier to handle as well, despite being almost 100 ccs larger. More torque, less rev and less explosiveness than my 426. Translation: not as much "Yee-ha" but probably more speed. But I prefer my YZ's suspension, esp. forks, over the KTM. But it was a pretty short ride...

BTW I ride off-road only (no moto) out west. Lots of sand, no trees, no mud makes up 99% of my riding w/ occasional foray into the forest.

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