CA. plates on wr426??????

Does anyone have CA. plates on there 426, Im thinking now that it is red sticker season that this may be my only option to ride in the mountains and areas I like to ride. If so please tell me how much it costs and how much of a nightmare it was.

02 wr426f gray wire pulled, exhaust uncorked, airbox lid gone, throttle limiter cut, renthal bars, acerbis bark busters and a couple of scratches.

As far as I know, impossible at this time to get Ca street plate for your bike. '99 was last year VIN number did not have the dreaded "C" or "3" in, I believe, the 8th digit. Only solution I know is to register with a relative out of state.

Dan, see the post on vermont plate. I put in good info on street legalizing your ride.

Ride on!! :)

Dudes, Im so sick of all of the "Dans" on this board"!!!

Just kidding of course, go with the Vermont plate.


[ March 03, 2002: Message edited by: Dan Lorenze ]

Actually, there are 2000's out there with clean VIN's, I have seen them. But you're obviously dealing with the '02, so Vermont may be the only way to go. There were several folks on this board trying the same thing as you, but I can only assume they had success as I don't see them posting for solutions anymore. Please let us know how you do.

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