Magnetic drain screw

Does anyone know where I could buy a magnetic drain screw for the bottom of the engine and how much they cost?


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Mike, I bought one for my bike from Moose when I first got it and I couldnt get it to thread in right so instead of forcing it I took it back and got another and it didnt fit either. So if you get a Moose, be careful and dont force it.


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

I think I saw one in the GYT-R Catalog at the dealer. You might check on that.

I had the same problem with the Moose drain plug about a year ago :). Ive been using the stock drainplug ever since. A magnetic one that fits would be nice.


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I'v been running the GYT-R magnetic drain plug in the bottom of my WR for the past 14 months with no problems. I got it from my Yam dealer. This plug is made from a nifty light weight alloy with a strong magnet in the middle.


I found an aftermarket one at my local Honda dealer. I measured the thread of the stock plug, and matched it up. I think they came in 12 x 1.5 and 12 x 1.75. It is steel and has a hole drilled for safety wire.

On my last oil change, it had a light slime of ferrous material on the magnet, and one little flake, probably from a gear.

Scott F

12x1.5 sounds more like it, 1.75 is too big of a thread pitch.


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