Will a wr be ok at the track? Please read!!!

I want to go to the track this weekend and I wanted to hear some opinions.... My 01 wr426 has yz tank/plastics yz timing, coolant bottle removed, yz spec suspension, and an fmf q2 exhaust. Is there anything else that you can think of that makes my bike a wr instead of a yz... I should be as capable as any yz426 at the track, right??? Oh by the way I am going to gear pretty high ~14/53... do you think this will give me similar gearbox performance as the yz?

I know its mostly the rider, but I want my bike to be as ready as possible to shred the track, then I can change gearing to hit the trails :ride:

Thank for any input!!!

yeah you'll do just fine, i was mx'ing my 99 with everything on it. it was hard to handle the weight compared to the yz's and btm'd out over larger jumps but it looks like you did the right stuff to it to make it a track bike.

Yes, you'll be fine, check out the thread "Pictures of your Jumps on a WR", i'm doing fine at the track in the B class.

Thanks guys!

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