Another YZ426F cracked tank

I had a bad time at the races today at Hungry Valley MX. It started out well enough with a holeshot in the first moto, then one guy passed me. No problem, I stayed with him. Then the first bad thing happened. I overjumped an uphill double and flat landed it, but I didn't crash. Everytime I do that, I sprain my left thumb and it ruins my ride. I had to pull over and let one guy by while I dealt with the pain. Then my bike started running a little funny, like rich off the bottom or something. I finished the moto in third. Once back at the truck, I noticed and smelled a gas leak. It didn't take long to realize that the gas tank had cracked, since it happened on my '99. It was in the same area also, near the rear corner by the tank strap. At that point, I decided to pack it up and call it a day.

Of course my joy didn't end there. While standing under an EZ-Up in the shade, I turned and rammed my shin into a bike stand, resulting in a painful bruise. Luckily it missed a previous bruise by an inch. I got that one a couple of weeks ago when I hit my shin on my footpeg. I had gotten out of shape in a corner and nearly fell, but saved it. After I got the goose egg on my shin, I kinda wished I would have just fallen over in the turn.

I suspect that the leaking gas and fumes were being sucked through the air filter, causing a rich condition at low revs.

I'm hoping Yamaha will give me some warranty assistance with the tank and the hub that I blew up a while ago.

Scott F

Oh, and to cry the blues a little more, I just sold a spare YZF tank to my friend last week for 50 bucks! I hope he is happy. :)

Scott F

Good news! My dealer got Yamaha to warranty the cracked tank. I hope to get a new one

by the weekend. They refused the hub, but I really think they have a hub problem and should

warranty them also, along with all the damage they cause. I hope no one gets hurt from

exploding their hub while landing the big one.

Scott F

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