Baja Designs oil sight tube - problems / feedback??

Just wondering if anybody has had problems with the oil sight tube?

I'm about to fit the Baja Designs oil sight tube onto my XR650R.

(Also ftting Scotts damper with dipstick-mounted post so the sight tube is kinda neccessary).

I've heard some reports of thees sight tubes actiually leaking oil, and also that they are not very accurate at measuring oil levels (apparently oil gets stuck in the tube???). But on the other hand, a lot of people seem to be using them.

Any feedback before I start drilling?

Thanks... I've heard about your kit (as well as the legendary footpeg fix, which is on my to-buy list). I picked a second-hand-but-never-installed Baja tube from a buddy as part of a package.

Just a bit scary drilling these big holes into my frame...

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