Clarke octopus question

I have a 99 WR with WR timing air box lid removed and baja designs exhaust baffle. To DE-octopus do I still need to go a YZ #100 pilot air jet and a YZ #65 start jet?

I recommend the 100 air jet but the start jet depends on your normal or most often riding altitude. When you remove the Octopus you block off a secondary air jet that only operates during starting. All my jetting recommendations have been developed with the 100 pilot air jet installed.

Kinda depends on your normal riding altitude. I run the 100 air jet and the stock WR start jet. If you are near sea level then go for the #65 start jet. If a high altitued rider go for the 100 air jet and the stock WR start jet. Remember the Start jet (the one that goes in the bottom of the carb) only comes into play when you use the choke. However, the air jet (75 or 100) affects not only starting but pilot circuit operation.


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Has anyone tried doing a De-Octopus on a '00 WR yet?

I'm considering it. I've noticed that the jet size for the Pilot air is the same as what I have installed. . .which makes me a bit uneasy about de-octoing the '00.

Like I need something else to do on my bike anyway! :)


'00 WR; YZ modified, DSP exhaust system & UNI air, Jetting by Clark, James & Bryan. . .

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