Is DVP ok?

Clark and Dean

Is the DVP AT #5 too lean for my WR timed 00 WR 400? Stock exhaust, baffle out, air box lid off, 178 main 48 pilot. Should i return to my stock DRS needle? I ride 1500' to 6000'





This is not too lean. The "P" of DVP is richer at 0-1/4 throttle. The DVP#5 clip is equivalent to DRS#3 clip in the midrange.



I recommended the DVP #5 as it would be vary close to the DRS #3 from the taper standpoing and a little richer between 0 and 1/4 throttle. On a WR timed bike it should work excellent along with your other jetting selections. It will not be leaner than your DRS needle.


Thanks guys. With my question answered for the DVP. I feel better about my setup. That being said, what would i pick up by using the EKP? What position would i run this needle with WR timing, and how would my other jets fit with this needle?



I have run the same '00WR400 setup with EKP#3(EMP#4). A good starting point might be #165MJ and #48 pilot. The EKN#3(EMN#4) may be a better choice with WR timing.


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