Does anyone know what this is?

i think he broken the oil filter cover before.

yes, that is the oil filter cover

Oil filter cover for sure. Must have hit a rock or something and cracked it. JB Weld is perfect for that kind of fix. If it doesn't leak I wouldn't worrry about it.

Yeah that's not a factory job, definitely jb weld. That little bump is the feed tube for the oil filter.

If you're concerned about it and plan on keeping the bike consider a Ready Racing stainless steel oil filter. They run about $50 and come with a cover. They're a deal if you ask me.

Thanks for the info. guys...:applause:

Get a skid plate or next time it may take more than JB weld... :prof:

That would be a tough place to hit either way but a skid plate may help and that stock guard on there does not offer much protection

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