lurching at 1/4 throttle?

Was wondering if anyone else is experiencing lurch problems with there 06 or 07 yz. I live at 7000', have gone from 42 pilot(to lean) to a 50p(to rich) no change with the lurching problem. Have changed the needle position. Also Changed the main, no difference. The problem is at 0 to 1/4 throttle, it's almost like the choke stays on. Have gone thru the entire carb three times, no change. Also checked all electrical connections, and checked resistance on all components.

This is getting frustrating!

Have you ever tried adjusting your fuel screw? That would have been my first step.


Seems to be a problem with TPS, disconnected sensor bike runs great. Ohms reading at full throttle 3k, need 4k to 6k. Adjustment didn't work, 3k max.

I would try going with a leaner pilot jet, I think the next size smaller either a 40 or 38, also adjust your pilot screw.

actually it sounds like your throttle cables may be sticking. check em out

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