xr650r running problem

I wont say a starting problem because it will start, but it will not run.

I was riding along and the bike stalled as if it ran out of gas, I was at my destination, so I coasted in to the parking spot.

upon trying to start my bike, after fliping it over to reserve, it would start but only run for 1-2 seconds before stopping. It will not start with any throttle, or rev while it runs.

I have checked that the carb bowl is filling, and when I spray carb cleaner down the throat it will run for longer before stopping. The main and pilot jets are secure and clear of obstructions.

Any other Ideas what to do?

Is it for sure a carb problem, or could it maybe have to do with auto decopm or something else mechanical?

Maybe spark or timing?


By chance have you checked that the vent hose to the tank isnt clogged?

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