Lift Stand Wanted

Does anyone have a lift stand they'd like to sell? Now that I'm post 9 weeks back surgery, the days of lifting the ol' WR on its fixed stand are over!

Try Chaparrell, I bought one from them 6 months ago, $59.00 I think. Works great! I wish I had bought one years ago.



I have a Moose(I think, haven't used it in a while) lift stand I'd be willing to let go.

IT's only been used a few times. I couldn't figure out how to keep it from tipping over at the races(soft dirt), so I stopped using it. I'll take $50.00 for it if you pay shipping. If your intrested reply or send me an email.


I'm interested however; 50 is a little steep. My local dealer has them new for 50-60. I'm thinking somewhere around 30+ shipping. Are you willing to wheel and deal?

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