How wide are your handlebars?

I rode my first hare scramble last weekend and it was tight. My Jimmy Button Renthals were way too wide (stock) at about 32". I talked to some guys at the race and they cut theirs down to 27.5". This seems way too narrow to me but they say after you get used to it they work fine. Any comments?

I always cut mine down to around 31". I can offer no defense of this "policy" other than that is what I like...

Recently I learned a valuable lesson when, without mocking them up, I just hauled off and cut 1/4" off each end of my new $150 TwinWalls. When I then went to install all my controls I found that I did not have sufficient room to mount them how I like them.

The 7/8" OD end-portion of the bars was now too short (from where they emerged from the outer wall to the now ~1/4" shorter grip end). So after much hand-wringing I just removed ~1/4" of the outer bar portion with my pipe cutters :)

So make sure you have enough room for handguards, comp. release etc. Make sure you can move brake inboard enough for set screw to clear your hand (Yamaha). THEN cut your bars to whatever length works good for YOU, and ignore what length everybody else is running.

Try taking off, say, 1/2" first and going from there. You can always cut more off.

I use a small pipe cutter and smooth out the bar ends with a dremel and some emery paper. Sharp edges can cut your grips. two cents for you to spend as you please.

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