Drill the slide?

I got the #55 pilot today in the mail. I'll post the results tomorrow after drilling the slide. I pry for better throttle response. :worthy:

Well, I put the #55 pilot jet in and drilled the slide to 5/32 and the results are great. I no longer have the off idle bog and the throttle response is very good. I can loft the front wheel at will. I don't know why Dyno-Jet doesn't give you the pilot, I guess not everyone would need it, but I know other guys said the same thing about needing the pilot jet. It makes all the difference on my bike. So, my set up is as follows. Dyno-Jet needle at 3 from the top, #55 pilot jet, drilled slide 5/32, Dyno-Jet 165 main jet, Dyno-Jet spring, mix screw 2.5 out from closed.:thumbsup:

My bike is pretty stock, it only has 120 miles on it. I have a K&N filter and precharger, removed the snorkel and I just did the Dyno-Jet kit and drilled the slide. My question is am I using the right jet? I put the 160 in, not the 165. I was thinking I should wait on the bigger one until I get my pipe. I live pretty close to sea level, elevation is only about 185ft according to Google earth. Am I using the right one? Would I benefit from a bigger pilot jet?

I think you should probably wait till you get a pipe for the 165.

when i still had the cv carb, i used the djet kit 165 main, 55 pilot. i also drilled the slide. e2 slipon muff. i am at 4300 ft. it would not run until i put the 160 main in. bad top end bog. makes me think 165 would be good at sea lev. just make sure you are not running too hot and you are good!

Thanks guys

Bought my 03 650L and the owner told me he had done the Dave's Mods with the Dyno Jet Kit. I added an XRs Only pipe and header. XR's advised to leave the jetting (55/160) alone but to put the washer in. I ran the bike for a couple hundred miles and she ran so hot it burned the sticker off the pipe. I finally opened the carb and placed the 165 main in. I also checked the needle which was fine. The slide had not been drilled so I drilled it out. I also removed the snorkel. Results were very nice. Loft the front wheel in 1st and 2nd very easy and that high speed bog was a shortage of fuel. Not a CRF450 but better than it was. Also I just added the temp oil dip stick and she is running steading at about 225 and 250 if I am getting into her.

Uni filter


snorkel removed

XR's full system

Drilled Slide

Clip in the 3rd position w/washer

Sea Level

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