Helmet cam in Moab?

Is anyone going to bring a helmet cam to Moab? That would be an awesome way to document our trip!

hey there.. I happen to have picked up one of these cams. :D When is the Moab date? I haven't been paying too much attention to the threads, but I just discovered I have an extra week of vacation..


Unfortunetly I am a novice dirt guy with 25 yrs of sport street riding so I am slow and a wee bit above slow when riding. :D I am not above strapping it to a fast guy though :) Once I approve of the skill level (I am generally easily impressed) of the rider. I don't think I have much to worry about with YOU guys :D


Helmet cams are a great thing to have when riding with large groups. A guy in my club brings his out to all our rides. Just make sure to bring EXTRA batteries, a charger, and plenty of film. You WILL waste a lot of film. Try to mount the camera on as many different locations as possible(on side of knees, facing rear at other riders, fender mount,etc.....) it will keep wiewing the videos at a later time a lot less boring. Also, make sure that you mount the camera lens more towards the back of the helmet than you would think, because as you ride, you will have a tendency to look down especially in the tight stuff. To protect the lens from roost, mud, and debris, tape a piece of clear plastic over the front of the lens. ( I cut a tear-off lens into several pre-cut pieces). Another helpful hint to make the videos more exciting, is to follow someone

who is about the same speed, it makes for more action, and it looks like your'e going faster than if you just video the scenery, which should be spectacular in itself.

Have fun up there!



So Cal Erik

Visit my club's site at <A HREF="http://www.ruts.org

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I would like to get a helmet cam - who sells them/who makes them? The closest I have come is duct-taping a video camera to the top of my helmet - not a great solution!

I'm testing my new helmetcam this weekend, and will be bringing it to Moab.

My guess is that there will be more than a couple down there!

I went to these guys...


They are a little shop and they make the cams for other folks to OEM.

...and they had one in my hands in 2 weeks. I picked up the 'pro' model for the most # of video lines and so far the results are great. I blasted some snomobile/ATV trails last week and aside froma little trouble in high contrast situations (bright sand trail, dark trees) it works great!

If you do decide on one of their units, tell them I sent you (Neil Ingroville) and I'll get a credit towards future purchases :)

I'll post some of that video soon.

good luck,


try helmetcam.com

Ten years ago we used to tape a Video Cam on one side of the helmet and a brick on the other for balast. Got some great vides but a very sore neck and a accident waiting to happen. It really looked odd.

A true miniturized helemt cam sounds real cool compared to days gone by.


Originally posted by '00 in Calgary:

I went to these guys...


Neil, I purchased the one from www.helmetcamera.com.

I did go & check the website you listed...these guys are in Hungry Horse Montana! I was boating 3 days in Hungry Horse last week, surprised I didn't see the place (there's not much there).

Since I'm in Calgary too, we'll have to do a video quality comparison & post our results for everyone.


damn there's a challenge I can't resist...

Do we have to set up a deadline (I always work better with a deadline :) ) AND should we set a resolution limit so a) d/l times are not massive and :D apples to apples comparision.

it'll be fun. :D


Deadline? Resolutions? I haven't even got mine working yet!!

To be perfectly apples/apples it should be same time & place (lighting,etc). I'll be in the Waiporous area this weekend....


ok... I'm in the same boat. Still seeing what works where. What are you recording into? I have a Canon GL1 and find it a bit bulky... plus I'd rather crash with a cheaper cam strapped on.

On Monday I might be able to get out to Wiaprous. I am doing a blast (FZR1000) through Nakusp B.C. on Friday/Saturday (1400km) ...hopefully I'll come back with some decent twisty-road shots.

Is there a "usual" spot in Wiaprous where I can look for your bike?


Sounds like your butt may be too sore for dirt after all the road riding!

Don't know if we'll still be there on Monday, it kind of depends on the weather. Sling me an email with your email address, and I'll forward you particulars on how to find our campsite.....


Hi there...

my home e-mail is


I'll have to see about the weather as well, Although charging though the mud would be fun. :) the threat of constant rain definately puts a damper on things... As it sits right now. I am ready to the road ride but watching the weather channel non-stop.. hoping something will change. IF it doesn't change, I'll be in Cowtown all weekend.


well... I am always nervous posting stuff like this 'cause I go so slooow. :D but at this location

there's a file called


and it's a bit of helmet cam footage.

I'll take all comments :)

(too slow)

(bumpy video)

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