Calif OHV is funding closures!


I'm sorry to bring up a negative subject, but you must know the truth. As you know, our green stickie money is controlled by the California Off Highway Vehicle Commission. In theory, they are suppose to be providing opportunities for OHV recreation. Sounds good, but I haven't seen too much progress in Southern California to increase places to ride.

Anyway, I'm reading the National Forest web page and see their outline requesting funding from the OHV for programs related to the Los Padres National Forest. Their request is for $392,000 (340% more than the previously approved grant) to conduct the following:

Train Staff at OHV laws; e.g., how to conduct sound tests, how to enforce regulations which limit OHV use.

Hire biologist to conduct lengthly studies to detemine impacts to wildlife so that it can justify trail closures.

Install signage telling users which roads and trails they can no longer use.

Hire soils specialists to examine impacts caused by OHV vehicles so that they can justify additional closures because the Clean Water Act regulations are not being complied with.

Fund aerial surveillance flights to catch and prevent illegal riding of snowmobiles.

I don't have a problem with spending money, but don't you think it ought to be for activites that increase or maintain our riding rights? For example, why not fund small bridge crossings to minimize discharges into streams? Or how about paying for hard base stream crossings? How about education to OHV users? Or dare I say, how about paying for more offroad vechicle parks?

Anyway, it's sad that our opponents are taking the law to their benefit and using our money to nail the lid shut.

If only I were King.... What's your thoughts?

When ever one go's to lic,plates and no more green sticker money the ecos want have a fund to rob and wacth all hell brake loes if the ecos try to take money from dmv to study a monky fu&^%$*&- a foot ball.


Here I go again -

This is EXACTALLY why I have not registered ANY motorcycle in the past seven years. I have also encouraged my riding buddies not to register. What you are telling us is nothing new, they have been at this for a long time although it is getting worse now. In the past, the green sticker money (also monies gathered for dual sport registered motorcycles) has been used to "manage" us by building fences, posting signage, constructing fancy bathrooms in the middle of nowhere, and best of all - paying forest service workers to hassle us by enforcing stupid rules that constantly change.

Yes, I am a criminal. And for those wondering how many tickets I've received in over seven years of heavy duty off-roading in the great outdoors - ZERO! I have had my moments when I was sure I would get in big trouble for being obnoxious to the forest police, but I have learned that these guys are basically harmless. Unless they are shooting at me (and they have not yet), I ignore them.

I know, the enviro people will read this and use it against us, right? Well guess what - it's too late! You, as a off-road motorcycle enthusiast, have already lost the war. At this point, the ONLY way to stop it is to cut their funding by not registering your motorcycle (dual sport included) and by not purchasing the infamous Forest Adventure Pass!

I'm with Ron regarding the Green Stickers - I haven't paid for one in years and I have had many dirt bikes. Never been hasseled either, but I knew better than to ride where I was likely to be checked.

Maybe we were better off when they used to steal all of the green sticker money for the general fund. At least they would piss it away on unrelated B.S. instead of using it against us.

I did not know that street registration money went to the green sticky fund. I did pay the street registration for my WR, but I ride my bike around town now and again and it would not be wise to ignore the police and CHP! It's tough to outrun the Motorola!

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