Jetting The Wr

I have a 2000 Wr and have a flat spot or delay when you give it a quick wick of the throttle, I have Tryed to richen the main jet, I have tryed to lean out the main jet, I have tryed to raise the needle and lower the needle and nothing seems to cure the problem. The excel pump works great. The timng is stock it has a stock pipe. Is this normal with this bike I haven't heard of this problem before so that is why I am asking. Is it maybe because of the exhaust cam timing on the wr?

I can't say for sure whether it is the WR timing or not.

But shouldn't you be screwing around with the pilot jet. It is incredibly lean from the factory. Try atleast a 45 or if you have other mods go with a 48.

Your probably messing with something that is incurable. 4-storkes are infamous for this trait.

Ive learned to live with it.


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F


The '00 WR (USA model) has a small pilot #42 and lean needle DRS. Some delay is expected with a 4-stroke, but not too much. So try backing out the pilot screw on the bottom of the float bowl and idle it up a little to see if the delay is reduced. Mine came at 4 turns out from the previous owner.

Then consider a #45 or #48 pilot with the DVP, EKP(EMP), or EKN(EMN) needles described in the lengthy topics posted.


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