Labor Day @ Stonyford

Anyone able to make it to Stonyford Labor day weekend? Planning to camp @ Fought Springs/ Davis Flats. Heading up Saturday morning coming home Monday. Monty;sure could use your trail guide expertise! My dad is going to be breaking in his 2001 KLX300R.(baby thumper) but at 65 years young, I'm proud to still see him out riding. It'll be his first time to Stonyford I know he will have a great time :)

Hi howard sorry can't make it this weekend if you go up sat. moning that aera will be packed and with the rain ever rider in northen ca, will be there.But you will still have fun any day riding is better then not riding.I am looking forward to georgrtown camp out and ride sept. you guys set a date after labor day.Have fun tell your dad WRIGHT ON it's geart he is still riding. :)


Sorry Howard out of town all week. Have a great ride. I used to have a klx300. great bike especially for those getting back into it. When I get back from my vaca, we need to speak about moab travel arrangements. Send me an email or call my office after the 10th of sept. 916-922-2262 ext 16.

Mike in Roseville

I'd sure like to join you Howard but I can't this weekend. I look forward to getting together up there sometime, finding that trail you and I railed and doing it again! That was a blast. Have fun with your dad.

Sorry Howard - in Long Beach doing the moving thang. Have a good time for the rest of us....


Howard i may be able to go to stonyford for a one day sunday poss. i'll post friday night to let you know or if your not on line i'll just show up if i can hope hope :)


Howard i can't make it sunday[stonyford]


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