Some Questions?


Does anyone have any pics of WR's with IMS tanks and seats. I am thinking of getting one but want to know what they look like?

What do you guys think would make me a better , faster, safer rider. A YZ style seat and tank or a steering dampner.

Thanks JAson

Dampner !!!!!!

If I had it all over to do again, I would not spend a dime on anything else except the dampner. I am so impressed with this thing and that is only after two rides. Put all your money into the dampner.


Dougie, '99 WR400 with a lot of dumb, stupid, here take my money, I have to have them but they don't make me a better rider extra mods.

(Except the dampner :))

Jason, Just put on my IMS tank/Seat last night. I'll load some up for you. I like the look. You can get very far forward and the tank is quite slim as compared to the stocker.

Like Dougie said "put ALL your money into the damper" You won't have any left when you're through!

STEERING DAMPNER 1st everything else second...

Au contraire mon frere~!

I am sure the trick factor of having a dampner is greater than that of a new tank seat combo. Personally I have found the WR to have a rock solid front end, with excellent stability. Once you change off the Dunlop 739 front tire it is even better. I have even raised my fork tubes 8mm to make it turn in a little quicker. And still no twitchyness. All this without the dampner. IMHO, You would be better off going with the tank/seat combo first and then dream about how trick your bike will look wih a Scotts damper later.

I have a steering damper on my road bike, a 500 cc two stroke GP road legal rocket. In this application with the quick steering inherent to road racers, the steering damper is quite useful, and warranted. The front end can start dancing out of nowhere. Headshake at much higher speeds, especially on pavement can be loathsome and fear inspiring!

I am sure that the a damper makes an excellent hanlding bike even better, but the ergos of a new tank/seat are going to be more discernable. I for one loathe the stock WR tank seat setup. You will too next time your MX buddies coax you out onto a track.


Where is everyone getting their IMS/Seat set up from and what is a fair price?


I just bought my IMS seat/tank from a local dealer for $268.00 + tax. List was $329.00. There is lots of room for negotiation. This includes the petcock/gasket, fuel line, and tank cap. I'm not impressed with the finish work on the tank (not bad but sucks compared to stock) however; it fits nicely and the ergos are great (very slim). All in all, worth the money.

doesn't some of this come down to where you ride?

if i could do 75mph everywhere across rock-strewn desert i would want a damper. but my front wheel used to disappear in the mud & gloop before i bought a clarke & a ceet seat.

i would have swapped it all for a damper 5 weeks ago when i was hitting the washboard stuff.

my two bob. Taffy

I'm digging this Dougie. I love my damper too but when I told others how great it is, they didn't believe me. I'm glad you like it and I agree 100 percent!


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